Welcome to The Hanji Box, a multi-cultural film about art and adoption. It tells the story of an American woman, her adopted Korean daughter and a Korean artist. Scroll down to see our TRAILER or go to https://vimeo.com/159616407

Our locations include Northern New Jersey, home to a vibrant Korean community; New York’s first Koreatown in Flushing, Queens; and the bucolic state of Vermont. A special thanks to the Donghwa Foundation, Dong Bang Grill, Fountain of Youth Spa and Geraldine M. Jacobson for giving us permission to film in their wonderful spaces.


by Park Dae Sung

The art — We are honored to have received permission to use renowned Korean artist Park Dae Sung’s paintings in our film and thank the artist, his wife and Odilette Cho for making them available to us. We also thank the Korea Society for making us aware of his work.

Our multi-cultural cast and crew consist of ethnic Koreans, a Korean Canadian, a Chinese American, an East Indian, African American, Brazilian, Korean Americans, plus Americans of all ethnic persuasions.

Contact us if you would like to arrange for a screening. We feel that the film, in addition to being a universal story about love, loss and reconciliation, provides a wonderful impetus for discussion about international adoption as well as multi-cultural issues in America today: info@thehanjiboxmovie.com

Rose and Hannah

Jung and Hannah

Rose Enraged

On Set