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Work-in-progress screening at MIFF

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We had a wonderful work-in-progress screening of The Hanji Box at the Maine Int’l Film Festival last week! We asked the audience to fill out a questionnaire, asking them about their reactions to the film. I was so pleased to see that people found the film beautiful, were really interested in the issues, loved the acting, and the only consistent complaint (if it is a complaint) was that they wanted it to continue. They wanted Hannah to go to Korea, with Rose, and meet with with Jung Tae Hee… so actors, get your passports in order!

The wonderful actor Gabriel Byrne was in the audience. He was at the festival to receive a mid-life achievement award, and found time to come and watch our little film. He was incredibly complementary, loved the story, the issues, the complexity of the issues around adoption, cultural identity, America’s role in dividing Korea.

I have spent the last week adjusting the film based on my notes, tweaking it,and finally feel ready to get it out there. I feel hopeful that there will be an audience for this film!IMG_7694