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Interest in the adoption community

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Interest is growing in the adoption community–especially among social workers and adoptive parents. The Hanji Box makes audiences ask questions and discuss issues around adoption. Several social workers in the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area are organizing a screening at the Hopewell Theater in Hopewell, NJ on Saturday, November 4th–at the beginning of Adoption Month. I will be there as well as Joni Mantell to lead a discussion around issues relating to adoption.


The Hanji Box opens the White River Indie Film Festival

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Please join us at the Gala/Opening Night of the White River Indie Film Festival!
We are honored to have THE HANJI BOX open the festival!
There will be a Q&A after the film with members of the cast and crew

When: Friday, June 2nd, 6pm
Where: Barette Center for the Arts, White River Junction, Vermont
What time: Gala begins at 6pm, the film at 7.

This is WRIF’s annual Gala/fundraiser. There will be music, food, The Hanji Box and a cash bar.
The cost is $40/person or $20/student
If you only want to see the film, tickets will go on sale Tuesday May 30th after 6pm. Those tickets are $10 or $5/student or anyone with economic hardship. The film begins at 7pm. You can buy tickets at: YOU THERE!



Two screenings of The Hanji Box

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Our two screenings of The Hanji Box last week in the NY metropolitan area were amazing and quite different. In New York, at the Sylvia Wald/Po Kim Gallery, the audience consisted mainly of young adult Korean adoptees. At the Film Society of Summit, the audience were mainly the parents of adopted kids. Both discussions were fascinating, and it left me wondering what if those audiences had been combined? That would have been an interesting discussion!
We are now busy developing a study guide that can foster discussions after viewing the film, as well as a sequel… Stay tuned! summit-nj-with-adoptive-parentsscreening-at-gallery

Work-in-progress screening at MIFF

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We had a wonderful work-in-progress screening of The Hanji Box at the Maine Int’l Film Festival last week! We asked the audience to fill out a questionnaire, asking them about their reactions to the film. I was so pleased to see that people found the film beautiful, were really interested in the issues, loved the acting, and the only consistent complaint (if it is a complaint) was that they wanted it to continue. They wanted Hannah to go to Korea, with Rose, and meet with with Jung Tae Hee… so actors, get your passports in order!

The wonderful actor Gabriel Byrne was in the audience. He was at the festival to receive a mid-life achievement award, and found time to come and watch our little film. He was incredibly complementary, loved the story, the issues, the complexity of the issues around adoption, cultural identity, America’s role in dividing Korea.

I have spent the last week adjusting the film based on my notes, tweaking it,and finally feel ready to get it out there. I feel hopeful that there will be an audience for this film!IMG_7694